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Changing behaviour of SourceGrid in a strange way...

May 20, 2011 at 7:59 PM

Hello everyone,

I've decided to change the way things are displayed in my source grid control.

Right now the view reminds ordinary listview. For example, given a list of items:





my sourcegrid displays





and there is only vertical scrollbar (no horizontal scrollbar).


What I would like to do is to add additional colums (2 to 10) to that view, so that the view presents itself as follows:

1st column   2nd column   3rd column

2                    6                    10

3                    7                    11

4                    8                    12

5                    9                    13

After scrolling with vertical scrollbar (again no horizontal scrollbar) (scrolling by 2 items/rows) the displayed items might look like:

4                    8                    12

5                    9                    13

6                    10                  14

7                    11                  15


You might ask why do I need this kind of behaviour?

The problem is that items have to be one below another. So normally you get very long vertical list of items.

I am trying to wrap this very long list into something that can be viewed on a widescreen monitor.


Is there any way to do it in a simple way or maybe there is another way satisfying the condition that one item is below another?


Thanks in advance,


May 29, 2011 at 9:49 PM

OK, so it's done.

I used VirtualGrid and it took about 2 hours - so it is possible to change the way the data structure is displayed in any way you want, not only the visual way it is displayed.

I have one more question.

How can I make VirtualGrid display only the rows that are not partially visible (ie. the full content of the cells is displayed)?


There are some functions like List<int> GridVirtual.GetVisibleRows(bool returnsPartial) that deal with partially visible rows, but I don't want to deal with them in any way, I just want them not displayed.