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Cell OnValueChange event and selection problem

Mar 10, 2011 at 12:42 PM


I have another problem.

I have overriden the OnValueChanged event and, in some cases, I display a msgbox.

If I press the "enter" key to validate the changes, there is no problem, my msgbox displays, I click on it and everything goes well.

If I click anywhere on the grid with my mouse, the OnValueChanged event fires, my msgbox displays, I click on it and I have a selection starting from the cell that I previously clicked on.

This selection stops when I click another time with my mouse.

I'm sure that an event is fired before the onValueChanged and this event takes in account the mouse click motion and performs a selection on the clicked cell.

Then I release my mouse while the msgbox is displayed and the mouse click release motion is not taken in account.

I close my msgbox and the selection is still running.


I have tried to close the selection, select another cell, etc...

But nothing worked.


Does anyone know how to fix this problem?