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ComboBox Editor does not take into account span

Apr 16, 2010 at 10:58 PM

Is there any way to resize ComboBox Editor with span, to match size of its parent cell? e.g. after changing rowspan in frmSample03.cs RowSpan for Cells.Views works fine, but Editor still use single Cell (like RowSpan was 1).

//ComboBox with inline View
grid[currentRow, 0] = new SourceGrid.Cells.Cell("ComboBox Inline View");
grid[currentRow, 0].View = captionModel;
SourceGrid.Cells.Editors.ComboBox cbInline = new SourceGrid.Cells.Editors.ComboBox(typeof(string), arraySample, false);
cbInline.EditableMode = SourceGrid.EditableMode.Default | SourceGrid.EditableMode.Focus;
grid[currentRow, 1] = new SourceGrid.Cells.Cell(arraySample[0], cbInline);
grid[currentRow, 1].View = SourceGrid.Cells.Views.ComboBox.Default;
grid[currentRow, 1].RowSpan = 2;