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Main Features

  • three sub-components, Grid, DataGrid, ArrayGrid
  • Multi selection mode, Row Selection, Column selection, Free selection
  • Cell and Row spanning
  • MVC support
  • High-performance DataGrid. A grid with 100k rows or more is a standard, not an exception. Performance tuning is one of the core focuses

Other features

  • Clipboard support
  • Drag and drop feature not supported from version 4.5. Will be included based on user request

Supported events

  • Mouse: OnMouseDown, OnMouseUp, OnMouseMove, OnMouseEnter, OnMouseLeave
  • Keys: OnKeyUp, OnKeyDown, OnKeyPress
  • Click: OnDoubleClick, OnClick
  • Focus: OnFocusLeaving, OnFocusLeft, OnFocusEntering, OnFocusEntered, CanReceiveFocus
  • Cell Value: OnValueChanging, OnValueChanged
  • Edit: OnEditStarting, OnEditStarted, OnEditEnded

Visual customizability

  • Tooltips
  • Context menus
  • Border line thickness, line style

Different cell views and editors

  • Textbox
  • DateTimePicker
  • CheckBox
  • DropDown control
  • Rotated text
  • Image
  • Many images in single cell
  • Button
  • HyperLink
  • NumericUpDown
  • TextBoxCurrency
  • TextBoxUITypeEditor - Supplies the editing of the cell of all types that have a UITypeEditor. This is a very useful class because a lot of types support this class: DateTime, Font, enums, and you can also create your custom UITypeEditor.

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